Kodi Has Stopped Working

The common problems of Kodi on windows based device are ‘Kodi Has Stopped Working’. This problem appears when Kodi running on windows 10 or previous version such as windows 7 and XP. Many kodi windows users having this problem and don’t know how to solve. For your knowledge, Kodi has a great feature that is debugging feature. You can activate this feature through system menu, and then ‘logging’ feature and enable debug logging. From this feature, you can look for what is caused Kodi stopped working. But this feature is for expert kodi users that having knowledge about OS and Programming. If you’re a common user, don’t be a worry here is some explanation about ‘Kodi Has Stopped Working’.

Causes of Kodi Has Stopped Working

Many reasons causing Kodi stopped working. The most common problems are display driver/adapter on your windows pc/notebook/tablet. The second reason is Kodi dependencies file is corrupt, this can cause kodi to stopped working. Below is the list of kodi has stopped working cause, maybe one of them is yours.

  1. Display (VGA) Driver Update.
  2. Display Driver Crash.
  3. Driver Conflict  (Game Controller Device).
  4. Corrupt Kodi Dependencies File.

Fix Kodi Has Stopped Working

To fix Kodi stopped working you must know what causes this problem. After you know what is causes you can try this solution based on each cause.

  1. If you just update your display (VGA) driver, try to rollback it to previous driver (causes #1).
  2. Check your display driver if it not working properly, update or reinstall your display driver (causes #2).
  3. If you just install game controller driver on your windows, try to remove this driver (causes #3).
  4. If you plug a game controller to your windows device, try to unplug your game controller (causes #3).
  5. For solution causes #4 the best thing to do is reinstall Kodi.
  6. If reinstalling Kodi didn’t work, find this path ‘C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi’. Rename ‘Kodi’ Folder to ‘Kodi_old’ and reinstall Kodi.

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