Update Kodi on Windows : How to Get Latest Version of Kodi

A lot of people searching for update Kodi. Kodi is updating periodically when some bugs found. The developer of Kodi is fast for solving bugs on Kodi. Any update on that bug, kodi will release the new version. If you still have an old version of Kodi and you think it’s working normally you no need to update kodi. But if you found some trouble when you run kodi, consider updating your kodi.

Kodi for windows
Kodi for windows

Is Previous Settings and Addons Will Lost?

The question when you will update your kodi to the latest version is does all settings and add-ons on kodi will be lost? The answer is no. If you update correctly your kodi, all settings include skin and addons on your kodi will preserve on the latest installed kodi. So you won’t have to worry about your favorite addons and all settings on your previous kodi version. It will automatically add to your latest kodi version on your windows based device.

How to Update Kodi on Windows

Updating kodi on windows based device (PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone) is so easy. Here is the step on how to update kodi on windows to the latest 17.4 version.

  1. First of all is you have to close your kodi application.
  2. Get the latest version of kodi (17.3 Krypton) on this official website.
  3. Choose windows as your weapon. And then choose windows version.
  4. Kodi installer will download soon.
  5. Find downloaded exe file, and click.
  6. Follow each step of updating kodi to the latest version.
  7. There will be a notification that your kodi will be overwritten. Proceed this notification to add your previous settings.
  8. After update finish, launch your kodi application.
  9. Check your previous settings, make sure it’s added to the latest version of kodi.
  10. Check your previous add-ons.

That is all step on how to update kodi for windows based devices. Now you can enjoy kodi without worry about the previous bugs on kodi. Do you know about covenant kodi addons? That is the best kodi movies addons (unofficial kodi addons) in 2017.